I work with people to help school communities flourish by supporting the overall well-being of its members. I do this by helping you envision how your school can become a place where people love to be and then working together to make that happen.

We co-create schools where

  • individuals are valued for who they are, as well as their actions
  • healthy connections between all members of the community are fostered, and
  • people are treated as competent and intelligent
  • policies and procedures support people’s wellbeing

We work together to identify what is already fabulous about your organization and how to build on that. You have many pockets of wonderful that can expand. People have fantastic experiences in every organization, though it’s not always easy to remember that when there are difficulties.

We use those pockets of wonderful as a springboard to further develop your school as a flourishing organizations, putting structures and processes in place to sustain and develop the goodness that already lies within.

This work happens over a period of time that works for you and your school community. Since you and your community decide on the focus, we collaboratively come up with a timeline that works for you.

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