Ongoing, 1-1 coaching helps staff to make long-lasting changes in their practice. I meet with designated staff in 1-1 settings to provide them with the individualized support that helps them become even stronger teachers or administrators.


  • For teachers and administrators, I do problem-resolving coaching sessions, where teachers and administrators have a dilemma that they would like help thinking through. This is a good session to have if one is feeling stuck in a situation.
  • For administrators, I do shadow coaching, where I follow the administrator for a specific timeframe. This is a three part process. First, we meet so the administrator can inform me of his/her goals for the coaching session. Then, during the specified timeframe, when the administrator has interactions with staff, students, and/or parents, I quietly interrupt and privately give the administrator feedback/suggestions. Finally, after the specified timeframe, I meet with the administrator to debrief and reflect on the entire process. This is a helpful process when the administrator is learning how to be a more effective leader.
  • For teachers, I do cognitive coaching, beginning with a planning conversation. I then observe the teacher teaching a lesson, scripting what I see/hear in relation to the planning conversation. We then conclude the cycle with a reflecting conversation on the lesson.

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